Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mystery e-mailer sends reporters info about Balmer's past

As Lynn Bartels noted in Thursday's Rocky Mountain News, supporters of Assistant Minority Leader David Balmer are upset that a mysterious source e-mailed several reporters -- including at Mile High Politics -- about Balmer's past.

Titled "The Sordid Tale of David Balmer", the e-mail, sent from on Tuesday, includes three stories about Balmer's activities in North Carolina, where he was a state representative.

Balmer lost a congressional runoff election in North Carolina in 1994 after embellishing his resume, then lying about it. In 1995, Balmer disappeared for 17 hours before resurfacing with a head injury and claiming he had amnesia.

These aren't new revelations to Colorado politicos: the Rocky Mountain News reported on these stories when they occurred, and they were brought up during Balmer's state representative campaigns here.

What is interesting is that someone sent the information to reporters as Balmer seeks to be elected House minority leader against state Rep. Frank McNulty (R-Highlands Ranch).

The full e-mail (minus the reporters' e-mails):

fromThe Real Balmer <>

dateWed, Dec 17, 2008 at 5:03 AM

subjectThe Sordid Tale of David Balmer

has anyone actually bothered to look at the possible next republican minority leader? here are a few stories to get you started. if you want some wild stories, ask some veterans from north carolina politics about what REALLY happened to balmer during his disappearance.

Charlotte Observer, The (NC) - Monday, May 29, 1995
Author/Byline: JIM MORRILL, Staff Writer
Edition: ONE - FOUR
Section: METRO
Page: 1C
It was to have been David Balmer 's moment of triumph - a victory that would catapult him into Congress and punctuate his precocious climb to power.

Instead, the primary runoff a year ago this week marked the start of what he now says was a painful ``free fall'' from which he's still recovering.

``It was awhile there when I didn't know if I was going to hit bottom,'' says Balmer.

The slide began weeks before his 9th District runoff with fellow Republican Sue Myrick, when resumes surfaced with suspicious claims: that he played varsity soccer in college, clerked for a state Supreme Court justice, graduated in the top of his law school class.

After first blaming rivals for the embellishments, Balmer accepted blame and apologized in a room packed with cameras, reporters and friends. His 2-1 loss three weeks later became anticlimactic.

Greensboro News & Record - Tuesday, October 17, 1995
Edition: CITY
Page: B2
Former state Rep. David Balmer was considered missing after his car was found in a high school parking lot early Monday and his family was unable to locate him, police said.

As many as 25 officers working with two dogs and a helicopter searched the area around East Mecklenburg High School throughout the day. Balmer's car was found parked in a fire lane at the school at about 8:30 a.m. Monday, said police Capt. Mike Crowell.

The search for Balmer was called off at dark, but authorities intended to work through the night interviewing anyone who might have seen Balmer, Crowell said.

Cromwell would not say whether there was evidence of foul play.

Greensboro News & Record - Thursday, October 19, 1995
Edition: ALL
Page: B2
A former state representative missing for a day and subject of a massive search says he is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember what happened to him.

David Balmer , 33, whose political career disintegrated over lies about his past achievements, remained in a Charlotte hospital Wednesday.

He was hospitalized late Monday after knocking on a door to ask for help. He was soaking wet and shaking, and he had a head injury.

Balmer was reported missing early Monday, and homicide detectives were put on the case.

Late that night, he turned up at James Carr's home four miles away.

Balmer was expected to remain at Carolinas Medical Center until today, hospital spokesman Scott White said. He has been examined by a neurosurgeon, who said he has a concussionlike injury.

Investigators have not had a chance to fully interview Balmer, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Capt. Matt Hunter.

Balmer, the former political leader for House Republicans, ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year. He lost the Republican runoff primary to former Charlotte Mayor Sue Myrick. Three weeks before that vote, he had admitted exaggerating his accomplishments and then falsely blaming the embellishments on political rivals.

A Charlotte attorney, Balmer has been doing environmental reclamation work with Raleigh-based Cherokee Industries since last fall.

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